Looking Back

As I thought of a title for this post, I realized I should save it for December 31. These past several months have been full of so many activities and running around, that taking time out for a photo has been a luxury. When I do, it might just be my iPhone.

Every pretty sunset I’ve seen recently has been from my car as I run another errand for my kids. But that’s okay. I value my family time first and will put that before a photo opportunity if need be. Of course, I try to combine the two when possible.  But if I’m not posting as much as I use to, please be patient. As kids grow up and venture out on their own, my time will open up again. And so will my camera bag.


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A Constellation Sunset 2014

Almost two years ago, I went to my first Skeeters baseball gave at Constellation Field. I have only been back once or twice since then. I like baseball, but there always seems something else to do, other than go watch a game. I went for the first time this season, only a few nights ago. Though a big storm had just rolled through town, it missed the field and the game went off without a hitch. I spent much of the time walking around, really just waiting for the shot below. The sunset wasn’t bad, but the sky grew more dramatic several minutes after the sun had fallen.

Here are some some previous visits to Constellation Field in Sugar Land, TX.


A view of Constellation Field in Sugar Land, TX just after sunset. Photo by Tim Stanley Photography.

Cold Morning Sunrise

Winter mornings can be so beautiful. The leafless trees offer lines and vantage points not found during the spring and summer, when their foliage hides the view. The cooler weather brings higher altitude clouds that offer broad, sweeping strokes across the sky.

This morning scene was on my way to work, via my iPhone. I’m hoping to upgrade my phone to a better model with an improved camera, but probably not until the fall. Right now, my older 4S will just have to do.


This morning sunrise scene was on my way to work, via my iPhone. Photo by Tim Stanley Photography.

Sunset On the Thames

When in London, you have to ride the London Eye. It’s something all tourists do, so just buy the ticket and wait in line. You won’t regret it.

Even though it was almost 9:00 p.m., the sun was just setting as we took our turn on the London Eye.  This time of day has to be one of the best times to take a spin on the giant wheel. It’s not as easy taking pictures on the ride as you might think though. The plastic is thick and have tiny scratches outside and are not perfectly clean. For most of the day, that should not pose a problem. However, in the bright glare of the sun, they cause extra flare, making a flawless sunset hard to capture.

The bridge on the right is Hungerford Bridge, that leads up to Charing Cross Station.


The sun sets over the Thames in London with Hungerford Bridge leading up to Charing Cross Station. Photo by Tim Stanley Photography.

Texas Sunset

Recently, the time between my posts here has increased for various reasons. First, life gets in the way. There are family events and day to day things that need to come before a photo blog like this, or even my desire to go shooting when I would like. And this past year seems to have had it’s share of events.

Secondly, and maybe more relevant is that when I look through my photo library, I do not seem as inspired as I used to be. This may be because I have seen my photos too many times and have gotten use to, or bored with them. I have posted images before that I thought were just “filler” material, but they would generate more comments on social media, like Facebook, than I would expect.

As I learn more about photography, I may be thinking that I can do better than the images I have shot and not posted. My self-imposed standards have gone up and I get more selective in what I want to post. Not to mention that my taste may be slowly changing too.

I know for the viewer, it is not clear if I post am image because I really like it, or because I think I “have” to post something. Either way, I still enjoy the photography and this blog, as it continues to motivate me to shoot more and improve. I guess I am still a work in-progress.

Today’s Texas Sunset photo is more in the “filler” category, though I still like the colors. I hope you do too.


Texas Sunset by Tim Stanley Photography

First Cool Evening

When summer is long and hot, we look forward to the cooler weather of fall. The lower temperatures seem to energize everyone and you actually enjoy going back outside again. Such was the case with this sunset. It was late September and I was ready to say farewell to the humidity and heat of the Texas summer. A small cool front had come through, making this evening a pleasure to venture out and watch a pretty sunset end the day.


I was ready to say farewell to the long Texas summer. A small cool front made it a pleasure to venture out and watch a pretty sunset end the day. Photo by Tim Stanley Photography.

Foggy Field Sunrise

The times I drive into work can vary from day to day, so catching a sunrise can be a bit tricky. What is even trickier is trying to photograph it without stopping. Not to worry though… I drive one of those four-lane roads, with center turn lane and wide shoulders, making it almost 6 lanes wides. On this morning, there was no traffic coming or going, so I could slow down and shoot out the driver’s window for a few brief seconds. Okay, maybe more than a few brief seconds.

A beautiful sunrise with clouds and a bit of fog, taken with my iPhone on the way to work. Photo by Tim Stanley Photography.