Snake Bite

One of the coolest cars to come from Dodge has been the Viper. It’s one of those cars I have admired from a distance. That is, I’m no expert on the series and its features, but have always liked the appeal of the vehicle. This beautiful example pulled in to the end of the line at the 2015 Aeros and Autos at Ellington Field in Houston. It wasn’t long before more cars filled the background, but I liked the simple composition of just the car and the long runway behind.


This Viper was at the 2015 Aeros and Autos at Ellington Field in Houston.

Mission Concepción Pano

Mission Concepcion, in San Antonio, Texas, looks pretty much as it did in the mid-1700s. It is still in use for worship today, which makes it all that more special. Though it may not be as large or elaborate as newer churches, the feeling of holiness still prevails in this traditional setting.



Mission Concepción Pano

Chase Tower Observation Deck

Not working downtown, I rarely have an opportunity to enjoy a view of downtown from other than street level. I recently learned about the Chase Tower’s observation deck on the 60th floor, with a great view of the western side of Houston. Since it’s only open during regular business hours on weekdays, it takes a bit of an effort to visit, especially if you don’t work downtown. I made that effort recently with my daughter, who wanted to explore downtown. The weather was cloudy, with rain in the forecast for later, but our luck held. It wasn’t crowded this day and we spent a few minutes enjoying the great view. From a photographers viewpoint, the windows were dirty, which made it tricky to find a clean view to shoot through. I wonder if just after a really good rain might help, both for the windows and clear out the haze and pollution that you get in the distance.



The Chase Tower has a great observation area on the 60th floor to enjoy a view of Houston from above.

Yellow Iris

Continuing with my garden theme, this yellow iris was just down the fence from my roses. The yellow petals were so bright, I waited for a cloudy moment, so the details would show up better. This small iris is a pretty flower, but many times it can look wilty (is that really a word, wilty?) or can look unbalanced as it hangs awkwardly on the long stem. I had to look for a good angle and wait for the wind to stop blowing to capture this pretty example.


 Continuing with my garden theme, this bright yellow iris was just down the fence from my roses.

Springtime Offerings

Springtime is a fun time for photographers, if you like flowers that is. I didn’t expect to, but I have acquired an appreciation for the simplicity of flower images.  For a few weeks, my backyard offers up a selection of roses and lilies that make good candidates for the camera. I have to hurry though. A good rain, a few bugs or a hot spring day can change things in a hurry.


Spring offers up a rose from my garden.

San Antonio Skyline Panorama

Standing on the Hays Street Bridge, you can see the entire length of the San Antonio skyline. It is not as condensed as some cities, but there is still a lot to see. This pano was taken from nine images, stitched together. The final image of this San Antonio pano is 16,000 pixels wide!
This pano, stitched together from nine images, lets you see the entire length of the San Antonio skyline at night.


On a recent visit to Galveston, Texas, I spent much of my day in meetings, so I did not have much opportunity for exploring the area. The one evening we did go out, I traveled with a group, but took my camera anyway. Our one and only stop was Landry’s Seafood on the Galveston Seawall. The evening was a fun time and w enjoyed a great meal. On the way back to the car, I hung back and grabbed several bracketed exposures of their neon sign. Good thing too, as one exposure would never had brought out the rich color and broad exposure values a scene like this contains. Landry’s is one of the must-go-to places on your trip to Galveston.


Landry's Seafood on the Galveston Seawall offers great food and this large neon to greet you at the entrance.

Landry’s by Tim Stanley Photography