Red Eyes

I used to be up on auto trends, at least on the street scene. But that was a few years ago. Imagine my surprise when I first saw these headlights on several cars at a recent outdoor car show. I want them on my own car so bad now, but somehow it just won’t have the same effect as they do on this Challenger. I suppose I could buy a new Challenger, then buy the headlights for it. Yeah, that’s a plan.  Here is another example of a few cars with the same style headlights.


A late model Dodge Challenger has the new, cool looking LED headlights popular on many custom cars. Photo by Tim Stanley Photography.


Foot Bridge to Downtown

There are a few places that are known for a great view of the City of Houston skyline. This footbridge over Buffalo Bayou is one of them. So that mean’s that this image is nothing extraordinary from the many previous photographers that have shot here. But now I can add it to my list of “been there, done that.” Does that make me a official now? Who knows…   Nevertheless, it’s a cool place to view the extraordinary skyline of downtown Houston.

Foot Bridge to Downtown. Photo by Tim Stanley Photography

Soft Circles

Flowers are both easy and hard at the same time to photograph. You can take your time composing your shot, since they hold pretty still but we see so many photographs of flowers, it takes something unique, unusual or beautiful to catch your attention. I actually enjoy taking photos of flowers and hope to do more in the future. But my garden just does not produce great subjects, so I have to find my subjects elsewhere. These soft circles were from a group of roses I brought home for my wife on our anniversary.



A group of soft roses. Photo by Tim Stanley Photography

Sugar Land Christmas 2014

Time for my annual Christmas photo of the Sugar Land Town Square. It’s best not to try and take this photo on the evening that they light the tree, as the crowds are much too thick.


Time for my annual Town Square Christmas photo of the Sugar Land Town Square. It's best not to try and take this photo on the evening that they light the tree, as the crowds are much too thick. Photo by Tim Stanley Photography.

Late Night Ride on the METRORail

It’s been a long day at the office and you stayed later than you wanted. It’s wet and cold outside in the big city. And it’s the holiday season. You’re ready to go home.

Not to worry, as the METRORail will take you back to your stop on your first leg of your voyage home. Hang in there. At the end of the line is a warm drink and a Lazy-boy with your name on it.


The Houston MetroRail leaves downtown Houston on a late evening for the ride home. Photo by Tim Stanley Photography

A Houston Christmas

I can be a lazy person at heart. Such was this weekend. The weather wasn’t great and I was wanting to cancel on a trip downtown to meet a local camera club to shoot some skyline images. But my friend, David Morefield, talked me into going and I’m glad I did. After meeting the club by Buffalo Bayou, we soon decided to head out on our own for the streets of downtown Houston. The city had turned on their Christmas lights just the night before, so we found their large Christmas tree in front of city hall all lit and waiting for us.


The City of Houston displays their huge Christmas Tree, all lit up in front of City Hall.

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