Paris from the Tower

I had the fortune to climb the Eiffel Tower while in Paris. I climbed as far as they allowed you to go at the time, which was the second observation level. The climb from ground level to the first level is over 300 steps, as is the walk from the first to the second level. Needless to say, I was a bit tired when I reached the top. About half way up, I realized that I had my camera backpack still on and should have left it with someone down below!


Paris from Above

Formula 1 Up-Close

I’m usually the last person to find out about things. For example, did you know that there is an awesome race track in Austin, TX?  This is the real deal. The Circuit Of The Americas is something I never thought I would see, much less in Texas. Last week, I was fortunate to spend a day at the track for the US Grand Prix Here is a brief description about the track from their website…

Circuit Of The Americas is a multi-purpose facility that hosts prestigious racing events, including the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix™.  It is the first purpose-built Grand Prix facility in the U.S. Built around a state-of-the-art 3.4-mile circuit track with capacity for 120,000 fans and an elevation change of 133 feet, the facility is designed for any and all classes of racing. Circuit of The Americas is ideally situated on a 1000-acre site in southeast Austin, approximately two miles from Austin Bergstrom International Airport, with scenic views of downtown.

While it is not a cheap sport to watch (much less to participate in), watching it at this track is a thrill. With many vantage points for photographers and fans alike, everyone will enjoy a day at the races.

I took this image behind the paddock between curves 18 and 19. With speeds up to 200 mph on the straights, here they were only going about a 100 mph, since they were slowing down for a curve. Using a slightly slower shutter speed and panning with the car creates the blur that gives the sense of motion and speed.


From the behind the paddock between curves 18 and 19.  Photo by Tim Stanley Photography

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Bridge with a View

The clear, cool air of an October evening provided a great chance for some nice images of downtown Houston. Shortly after taking this image, we moved closer towards downtown for this view over the trees bordering Buffalo Bayou.


The clear, cool air of an October evening provided a great chance for some nice images of downtown Houston by Buffalo Bayou. Photo by Tim Stanley Photography.

The Metairie Cemetery

For Halloween, I thought another black and white cemetery image might be in order. The Metairie Cemetery in New Orleans is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. While it might be the “norm” for folks in Louisiana, for this Texas boy, it was something from a different planet. Metairie Cemetery has the largest collection of elaborate marble tombs and funeral statuary in the city. What I didn’t realize was how many people they would place inside each tomb. Some of them were the size of small buildings and many were extremely elaborate and might contain a dozen or two people. There was definitely plenty of “old money” buried there.

The image below actually shows some of the more normal size tombs, containing maybe eight people, stacked four on each side. Those tombs in the center of the cemetery were much larger in comparison. I might post some of those in the coming weeks.


The Metairie Cemetery by Tim Stanley Photography.

Cars at Katy Mills Mall

Back in August, adjacent to a large mall west of Houston was the site of an outdoor car show. This late evening event gave the opportunity to try some golden hour shots with the cars. The downside was the bright parking lot lights, the many people “cruising” around and even the large generator powered lights they placed around the area. It all made for some challenging compositions. This quick moment was just after sunset and between the crowds of people walking by.


Back in August, adjacent to a large mall west of Houston was the site of an outdoor car show.

October Skyline

The other evening I had the pleasure of reuniting with the group of guys that I went to New Orleans with last spring. Andy Crawford drove through town, so he, David Morefield. Jeremy Mancuso and I hit the streets and stayed out way too late. We had a great time and hit a few of our favorite spots for skyline shots. Here, downtown Houston skyline is reflecting in Buffalo Bayou.


October Skyline